Seminar on Studying Early Childhood Education in New Zealand

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC)

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) was founded in 1982 by Glennie Oborn, the Managing Director of Kindercare Learning Centres New Zealand.

In 1991, the College was approved by the newly established New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and received recognition from the Teachers Registration Board that the College’s program was equivalent to the Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) offered at public institutions.

NZQA approved the College to deliver its programs via a distance learning mode; a seminal event in the College’s history.

NZTC progressed their distance learning mode in 2009 with the launch of NZTC Online, which enabled students to move from paper-based correspondence to online study. NZTC Online transformed distance learning at the College, and today 100% of NZTC’s students study through NZTC Online.

The College also expanded its qualifications to the postgraduate level in the same year.

NZTC was officially recognised for its research capability by the Tertiary Education Commission in 2012, becoming eligible for government research funding through the Performance Based Research Fund.

Pro X New Zealand Ltd

Pro X is a family owned and operated Business incorporated in 2012 in New Zealand.

Pro X Chairman Mr. Asoka Weerasundara is an Education New Zealand (ENZ) trained agent and also an Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) Licensed Immigration Adviser (Licence number:201301161)

Our operation in Sri Lanka is headed by Miss. Senuri Hettihamu who is also an ENZ trained education agent.

NZTC and Pro X have worked together over the years and provided pathways to many Sri Lankan students to achieve their goals.

Free Information Seminar in Colombo on the 23rd April at the Lakshman Kadiragamar Institute starting at

NZTC Marketing Manager (India) Mr. Sanjay Jain will conduct a free information seminar in Colombo on the 23rd April.

Sanjay will explain all the pathways available including the online study options. At the end of the seminar, Sanjay will also be available for one on one consultation with the students and the interested students will be connected with an Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand approved adviser.

Attendance for the seminar is strictly on first come first served basis due to limited availability of seats.

Prior registration is compulsory and can be done by visiting the below link.

Why you should work with Pro X New Zealand?

Professionalism, integrity, efficiency, customer service, are few reasons to select Pro X to work on your case.

But there three, more important major reasons why you should work only with a company like Pro X

Reason one

Owners of Pro X (Weerasundara family) have lived in New Zealand for almost two decades. Hence, they have experienced the New Zealand education system. Their children have gone through the New Zealand education system coming out with tertiary qualifications.

Most of the agents trying to promote New Zealand Education have not even seen the colour of New Zealand.

Reason two

All agents work with the respective education institutes to promote and enrol students for a commission.

We get paid by the institutes when the students commence studies in New Zealand.

Pro X has strictly adopted a policy of providing an absolutely free service to our students as we get paid by the institutions.

We get paid only if the student starts studying in New Zealand. In other words, if the student comes to New Zealand to New Zealand which means the student visa is approved. Therefor we are very keen in our own interest to get your visa approved.

We are aware of market practices of agents charging the students which Concerns us for two reasons

  1. Agent making a double dipping by charging the institute and student both
  2. Agent not paying enough attention to getting the visas approved as they have already earned their revenue

Reason three (Most important)

New Zealand Immigration is highly regulated. There are two legislations that govern New Zealand immigration.

  1. Immigration Act of 2009
  2. Immigration Licencing Act of 2007

Under the current governing laws, only an Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) Licenced Immigration Adviser (LIA) can provide immigration advice to a client, unless exempt.

The risks of working with unlicensed advisers are way more dangerous than most think.

If Immigration New Zealand (INZ) find out that you have received immigration advice from an unsilenced person they can,

  1. Reject your visa application even without an assessment
  2. If you have found guilty of receiving advice from an unlicensed agent and found to have disclosed false information to INZ, you can be black listed and refrained from entering New Zealand for a considerable period of time.


Pro X warning and advice to prospective students

  1. If an agent is charging you anything more than NZD270 (Which is the current visa application fee) be careful
  2. If an agent claims to be a Licenced Immigration Adviser (LIA), ask for proof
  3. If an agent says they are authorised by the New Zealand Government, ask for the Education New Zealand (ENZ) or Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) certificate
  4. Education gents are exempt to provide advice only on student visas. If an education agent is giving you advice about migration or work options in New Zealand, he or she is breaking the law and you can be the one to pay the price
  5. If you as a student is entitled to have your family in New Zealand, and if an education agent (unless licenced or except) is giving you advice on your family visas, be away from that person and complain to IAA immediately (
  6. If an education agent is also offering you help you with finances, it may sound attractive. But the this can damage your future chances of ever entering New Zealand












Asoka S. Weerasundara

License Number 201301161

Head Office

No 1, Myers Grove Churton Park
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